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What is Advance Market Research

The average person has their own worries about the future including job security, adequate pay, and having what their family needs to flourish.  For businesses owners, we worry about all of that and more.  Sometimes, having the right information at the right time makes the difference in whether that business stays afloat or sinks in a violent and competitive sea of other businesses that are trying to stay afloat.

So how can you as a business owner stay afloat and on top?  By using Advanced Market Research (AMR) techniques to help you find your perfect customer and better predict the future of your business.

AMR is designed to help you predict more closely who your ideal customer is and what their buying habits are so you can finetune your marketing efforts to find your highly targeted audience.  

To simplify the concept, it is a way of collecting highly targeted data that can assist you as a business to build your client base faster and at less of a cost because your marketing efforts are highly targeted.  It helps you find the engaged client that is ready to not only hear from you about your products and services, but they are also ready to buy.

Why Use  Advance Market Research?

The ability for any business to be able to forecast results based on reliable data and practiced marketing techniques allows companies to develop strong strategies that will not only enhance customer experiences, but help company leaders make choices that result in continued business growth. 

Some side effects include brand recognition, customer loyalty, and increasing demand for the products or services of your company.  By using AMR, you can be confident in understanding your business, your customer, and  your ability to address your customer's needs through your products or services

Let Us Help You!

We will be using advanced techniques and technologies to assist you in creating a vision on how your marketing will evolve to reach a more targeted customer.   The intent is to reach more engaged customers and spend less on advertising to get them. 

This is a process that is complicated and changes constantly with new algorythms and changes in different platforms and data collection techniques.  With our advanced research methods, we can help businesses take all of the guesswork out of capturing the most targeted customers that are in their niche.  This is the best way to support your profitability and longevity - finding YOUR perfect customer without the hight cost of time and money it takes to find them. 

Contact us to help us understand the best advanced market research methods for your company to use to obtain actionable results.

Website Speed

We use the most advance page accelerator technology to create insanely fast websites and pages currenlty in the market.

Mobile Responsive

90% of all traffic comes from mobile devices and that is why we focus on mobile responsiveness in all our website designs.

Affordable Packages

We know that you work hard for your money and that is why we charge only for what you need.


Online presence start with awesome branding. Well designed logo's, website banners, lead magnets etc are key for any business.

Feel Secure With Us

Superfast CDN Server
SSL Certificate
DDos Attack Prevention
Daily Back-Ups

Guarantee SEO

Other agencies will charge you regardless if you rank in Google or not. With us, you do not do not pay!


We think out of the box and create websites to please visitors, not just search engines.


Here you have two options: Automate conversations, support and sales with a bot on your website or the standard Facebook Chatbot.

Email Marketing

Own your client! Automated unlimited emails. We offer unlimited subscribers in our prime package. Something nobody else can offer in the market.


Whether you are a photographer, teacher, hobby-maker or any other profession. We can help you get online with your own unique course. 

Magazine Creation

Online Magazines are the most powerfull lead-generation machines.  Generate unique and hot leads by getting your own magazine designed for your specific niche.

Sales Funnels

It should be the goal of every website to have a Sales Funnel in place that generate possible leads . We create the best funnel possible to turn leads into customers.

Membership Sites

Share your knowledge with your audience and start your own membership site. Perfect for hobby-makers.

Logo Design

Every business needs branding and it starts with a logo that is etched in the mind of the consumer.  We take a variety of elements into consideration: Color, persona, tone and more.


The Process of
Web Design

Web Design is like a story-book. Pages are built in layers leading from one highlight to another and therefore, we do not just build a site, we plan it carefully.

It is important for us to work closely with our clients right from the start to ensure a fun experience for both parties.

During the web design consultation, we will ask a few questions to get an idea of your requirements. You will then receive the scope of the work as well as the pricing.

You can decide to add additional items or accept the proposal as is. You can always add additional products as your business grows, there are no limitations. 

Note: Some projects do take longer. Chatbots, intelligent sales funnels, e-learning/membership sites and proper email-marketing are all aspects of advance products that need more care and planning.

We strive to always underpromise and overdeliver by informing our clients of a decent and acceptable time frame depending on the difficulty of the project at hand.

Some of Our Clients Say...

Our clients are from all walks of life. Whether you have a hobby, teaching others or running your own business, we can bring the world closer to your business.

Mariza Troskie

"I would recommend  "WebDesignStage" to anyone looking to build either a business or personal website. They have been excellent in their service and optomized my website to the full extend of what I was looking for. Efficiency and client satisfaction is their main priority. I am very happy with the service I got from them. "

Rianca Kruis

"If it was not for WebDesignStage creativity and knowledge, my site would never seen the light and would not look so amazing. They do everything with love and careful planning and are prepared to share their insight and advice. 

Matthew von Blerk

" A  great web developer, reliable and  always quick when doing changes to your site, not only is Jacky great at implementing an amazing site to any professional needs, she is always willing to assist in guiding you into what is the best way to advertise yourself."


" The website services from WebDesignStage are great! The service is always exceptional, response is timely and the communication is great. It has helped give my business exposure in the market and I don't regret taking up their services. I recommend it to anyone who may wants to give their business a boost."


Who is Going to Help your Customers Online?

If you are not there, someone else will serve them! Take your business, hobby, skill or course online!

Ask us "how"  and we will guide you every step of the way.

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